Tuesday 5 April 2016

Promotional Mug from Nestlé Bear Brand

The other gift with purchase products that we have seen from Nestlé Bear Brand were more suitable for consumers who still cannot cross the street on their own, or those who have barely reached the height limit for roller coaster rides in the amusement parks. In short, they are for the kiddos. What’s different now is that the newest promotional mug from the brand will be far appreciated by adults in general for their daily dose of milk or chocolate nutritional drink.

Promotional Mug from Nestlé Bear Brand

Benefits of Getting a Promotional Mug
  • Heavy Duty. Every part of this mug, from the bottom to the handle to the body, is crafted from thick ceramic, to ensure that it will not break on the counter – or worse, on people’s hands – when hot liquid is poured into it. This heavy duty promotional mug will not chip easily, so there will be no need to buy new ones.
  • Affordable. Bear Brand makes high-quality products, free or not, that are worthy to be purchased and at an affordable rate. This is what’s going to be evident to budget-conscious consumers who will scrutinize the on-pack promotion thoroughly.
  • Brand Remembrance. The recollection is more for the brand’s advantage, but it doesn’t mean that consumers will get the duller end of the deal, because it means that they will remember to drink a nutritious beverage that can add to their physical energy every day.

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