Wednesday 6 April 2016

Hunt’s Gift with Purchase – Free Ketchup Topper

Our observation on various gift with purchase items in the market has led us to the conclusion that consumers usually get attracted by freebies which are completely new to the eyes. Take this free ketchup topper from Hunt’s for instance. Who would have thought that you can make the pouring of ketchup from the bottle to your hotdog more interesting when you let the ketchup pass through the fangs of these toppers? Wonderful, isn’t it?

Hunt’s Gift with Purchase – Free Ketchup Topper

Now, when the initial excitement is over, what can it do for Hunt’s?
  • Increase Sales. What is great about this gift with purchase is that it will not only catch the attention of kids, but also adults who like unique stuff in their house. This can increase the sales of Hunt’s successfully if they keep making these.
  • Boost Brand Awareness. Birds of the same feather flock together, don’t they? Therefore, people who buy a free ketchup topper will have friends who will want to get the same thing. The awareness about the brand will then be boosted, and others will know about the freebie.
  • Enhance Brand Importance. Brand becomes more important to consumers because of the additional appeal factor of on-pack promotion. This is why Hunt’s’ significance levels up ten-fold.

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