Wednesday 6 April 2016

Promo Gift: Free Bowl and Fork from Lucky Me

Gather round, kids and kids-wannabe! Lucky Me has served its great purpose during those times that we came home hungry after school, or when our mothers have run out of ideas for breakfast. Either soupy or dry, their products have filled out tummies so well. And now, to ante up the brand’s awesomeness, their on-pack promotion consists of free plastic bowl and fork for every 10 pieces of Lucky Me merchandise.

Promo Gift: Free Bowl and Fork from Lucky Me

Promo Gift Advantages for Lucky Me
  1. Larger Brand Awareness. Word of mouth can do wonders for a brand. It makes publicity free and almost painless, especially if the products you are trying to promote are really worthy of people’s attention. Freebies like this set can expand the consciousness of others about the brand, because noodles are truly best served in nice bowls that have matching forks.
  2. Higher Sales. The gift with purchase clearly targets the younger generation. Remind us how many children come to the grocery stores with their parents and have higher chances of seeing such a marketing product? Yes, they are too many to count, that’s why the brand also has bigger chances of getting higher sales from this.

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