Thursday 7 April 2016

Promo Idea: Free Glass Jar from Equal

When someone goes to the supermarket to make their food purchases, their brain is not only immersed on figuring out in which brand they can save the best, or if they have forgotten to add something in their cart. There are times that they also think beforehand of where they are going to keep the goods, so that when they get back to the house, they will just get containers and be quickly done with the task.

But, if they purchase Equal sweetener, they can head straight to the cupboards and stash the whole pack there, because the sugar substitute comes in a free glass jar from Luminarc.

Promo Idea: Free Glass Jar from Equal

How is this promo gift useful for Equal?
  • It raises number of sales. The sales of Equal will more likely rise, because a free glass jar that is crafted from high-quality glass is simply irresistible. Not to mention, it is also branded and is not going to be an eyesore even if you wish to put it in a pretty mantelpiece for coffee or tea.
  • It enriches customer experience. This on-pack promotion is not really inexpensive, and a lot of consumers will realize that straightaway as soon as they see it. Hence, their experience with the brand instantaneously increases.
  • It improves brand importance. Not all consumers voice out their liking for a certain brand, but if they stick to it for a long time, this is enough confirmation to show that they value the brand more than the others. A gift with purchase item like this can help Equal achieve that kind of importance to its consumers.

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