Thursday 10 March 2016

Lock & Lock Container – GWP by Nestlé Bear Brand

Lock & Lock is a plastics company that originally hails from South Korea, and it has since retained its stature in the society as one of the most trusted manufacturers of plastic containers across the globe. At present, it has joined another bigwig in the industry – Nestlé – in giving a better customer experience through the Lock & Lock container gift upon purchase of a huge pack of Nestlé Bear Brand powdered milk drink.

Lock & Lock Container – GWP by Nestlé Bear Brand 

What Good Comes Off This Marketing Strategy?
  • Boost in Brand Significance.  A brands that effortlessly gives away branded on-pack containers such as this can easily be singled out by many consumers, because Lock & Lock products do not always come cheap. Because of it, the significance of the brand in the market boosts up.
  • Increase in Deals. As already mentioned, buying a Lock & Lock container on its own can be a bit hard on the budget, since it is only made of high-quality plastic, so there is a fat chance that customers will grab this gift with purchase quick enough.
  • Increase in Customer Loyalty. Nestlé never disappoints when it comes to gifts upon purchases. They are consistently useful and durable. This promotional container can ensure that more customers will be loyal to the brand.

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