Thursday 10 March 2016

Gift with Purchase – Promotional Bucket from FritoLay

Is eating your way through every bag of yummy chips on a movie night with your buddies more exciting than dumping all the contents of those bags into one big container altogether and surprising yourself every time by the chips variety you put in your mouth? Apparently, the answer is NO, since FritoLay, the company behind brands such as Cheetos, Lays and Ruffles, has a huge promotional bucket as a gift with purchase for every two chips packages entirely for the latter’s purpose.

Gift with Purchase – Promotional Bucket from Frito-Lay

  • Brand Name is Very Noticeable. In this particular image of promotional bucket, the brand featured is Cheetos, and the name is very noticeable on the body of the item. There are square designs around it, but it’s a good thing that there is none near the logo, as it makes the name stand out.
  • Multipurpose. When the friends have already exhausted their chips and feel like they cannot take one more bite, they may find that they can use the gift with purchase as a mini toys container, food packer, or a water bucket that’s put right under a leaking ceiling.

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