Friday 11 March 2016

Free Plush Wallet from Bench/

Bench/ is Philippine brand that is starting to penetrate the international scene. But while it is more famous for its clothing merchandise, you can also get some fragrances in their stores nationwide that range from fruity to musky. And, if you are in luck, you may find that some of them are packed with a gift with purchase, just like this Bench/ Daily Scent with a free plush wallet.

Free Plush Wallet from Bench/

‘Extras’ of Gift with Purchase from a Known Brand
  • Extra Affordability. Any kind of wallet will seem quite expensive to teenagers or students – the target market for this product – who only use their savings to purchase their wants. So, the affordability of this gift with purchase will please them so much.
  • Extra Income. Since we have already established that it is within the purchasing power of its target consumers, this will attract more income for the brand.
  • Extra Brand Loyalty. Consumers have witnessed firsthand that Bench/ has the capability of giving out freebies as good as this free plush wallet. Even though they have paid some amount to purchase the Daily Scent, it will always be the thought that will count.

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