Friday 11 March 2016

Promotional Makeup Bag from Benefit Cosmetics

Sephora is comparable to a safe haven for all the women out there who live and breathe makeup. There are deals all over. One of the most interesting promotional offers we have seen so far is this free makeup bag from Benefit Cosmetics that has the statement: Laughter is the best cosmetic.

A great marketing idea? Yes. But why, you ask?

Promotional Makeup Bag from Benefit Cosmetics
  1. It is Wisely Priced. The whole set, which has a total value of $96 when sold separately, can be delivered right at the customer’s doorstep for only $59. This exclusive deal from Sephora is one of the many reasons why people come back to the brand.
  2. It is Not Too Shabby. Just look at that cute pink tassel for a zipper handle, and the chic design at the front part of this promotional makeup bag. No, this is definitely not too shabby for anyone. And yes, this is what makes it highly marketable, aside from the actual cosmetics that it comes with.
  3. It Makes Brand More Noteworthy. This gift with purchase sets Benefit Cosmetics apart from other brands, thus effectively making it more noteworthy, because it is evident that everything that goes on the design of the free merchandise, every detail of it, were given enough attention by its creator.

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