Monday 14 March 2016

Promotional Comb from WEN by Chaz Dean

We are unsure if you have heard of it, but there is a saying that combing your hair a hundred times a day continuously will help a woman achieve the gorgeous and shiny locks she desires to have.
If that is true, almost certainly, fine-toothed combs cannot bring that positive effect, as they are more suited for hair teasing. Sawtooth combs, on the other hand, are what you should be looking out for. There is a branded one in a WEN by Chaz Dean’s merchandise set at Sephora if you want it.

Now, what compensations can it extend to WEN by Chaz Dean?

Promotional Comb from WEN by Chaz Dean

  • Finer Brand Awareness. The gift with purchase has the brand name on one end of the sawtooth comb. As small as it may seem on the image, it is still very visible against the black color of the item, and therefore gives finer awareness to the brand.
  • Larger Profits. The promotional comb is relevant here because this product is really what you need after using the WEN hair products. And since this is easy on the pocket of consumers, larger profits can come to the company.
  • Bigger Brand Worth. When a brand gives away gifts without asking for much in return, it becomes more worthy of attention in the consumers’ eyes. This makes the value of the brand even bigger.

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