Monday 14 March 2016

Promotional Giveaway: Michigan Hockey Mask

Ice hockey is one of the popular sports in the USA, with winning the famous Stanley Cup in the future as the driving force behind every player’s performance. The aspirants come from the hockey teams of Michigan and Penn State, which will be playing against each other on March 11th, may still be a long way from their dream, but they already have a large following that all hope their favorite player gets drafter in due time.

A thousand of these students/fans, if they attend the game on the said date, can get a free Michigan hockey mask from the Big Ten Network.

Promotional Giveaway: Michigan Hockey Mask

How Can a Promotional Giveaway Uplift the Brand?
  • Shows Importance of the People. The brand that gives importance to the people proves to be more valuable as well, because it means they know how to show their gratitude to those who support them.
  • Has Strong Connection to the Sport. The branded mask is not what players usually use in the game, but it nevertheless has a strong connection to the sport. People can remember the match, and then the brand, through this Michigan hockey mask.
  • Can be Shared to Many. This really can be shared to many, since 1,000 students are going to receive this promotional product. This is vital for a brand that wants its name to reach a lot of possible new followers.

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