Thursday 24 March 2016

Penshoppe Free Baller – Gift with Purchase

Many teenagers of this generation feel as if jewelries made out of real gold, silver, platinum, or white gold are only for their mothers or grandmothers. What they like to wear are fancy earrings, necklaces and bracelets crafted out of beads, threads and silicone.

The most common bracelet of such type is called a baller. It is a sporty wristband that has since become an important tool for a lot of brands to spread awareness about their name or their cause. One of the popular brands that utilize this technique is Penshoppe.

Penshoppe Free Baller – Gift with Purchase

How Can Consumers Find this Gift with Purchase Valuable?
  • It follows the trend. It matters to consumers, who are mostly high school or college-aged, that the clothes or accessories they wear follow the trend. It is not really about fashion; it’s all about what most people of their age are using. Because of that, this gift with purchase is a nice idea.
  • It matches most clothes. We have only captured one color of the free baller, but it actually has other colors that you can see in the rainbow. There is also a different statement embossed on every baller, which teenagers like, and which sort of uplifts their spirits.

Take note of these fine details for your next brand advertisement. There are more on-pack promotion samples too, if you want see them, in our Marketing Gifts blog.

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