Friday 25 March 2016

Promotional Giveaway: Free Shirt from Russian Standard Vodka

Coming up with ideas on how to encourage the sales of your brand more efficiently than the other players in the market requires more careful planning and brainstorming with the key people within the company. However, if you want a quick and easy promotional idea, you can print the brand name or logo on a regular shirt, and then add it as a gift with purchase of your merchandise. This is what Russian Standard Vodka has done, and see how profitable it proves to be for the brand.

Promotional Giveaway: Free Shirt from Russian Standard Vodka

What Makes a Promotional Shirt Marketable?
  • Fabric Quality. A shirt deems to be made out of excellent fabric when the color does not fade after a couple of washes, and when it does not get too stretched even if it has already been worn multiple times. Russian Standard Vodka’s free shirt has such good qualities.
  • Convenience. A gift with purchase from a known international brand can conveniently be worn whether at home or at any casual gathering because it’s, well… international. It has an air of novelty.
  • Can Be Collected. There are people who have made it their hobby to collect free items from various liquor brands because they know that they are more often rare and do not have an encore. The free shirt may be seen as such, and that’s one of the reasons why it is marketable.

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