Tuesday 22 March 2016

Promotional Cosmetic Bag from Pond’s

Pond’s Gold Radiance seems to be the answer to a lot of women’s silent prayer of having a beauty product that can truly clear those unwanted blemishes, wrinkles and dark spots that often times mask their natural beauty from everyone’s view. In addition to that, consumers can beautify themselves in style, because Pond’s is generous enough to give a gift with every purchase of their products in stores nationwide. Take a look at the hottest of their on-pack promotions.

Promotional Cosmetic Bag from Pond’s

Now, why is a promotional cosmetic bag good for the brand?
  1. Adds to the Brand Value. Brands that offer gift with purchase that is relatively bigger than the actual product that has to be bought show that they value their customer’s needs. In return, people find the brand valuable to them too.
  2. Exhibits Convenience to Customers. The golden promotional cosmetic bag can easily hold multiple makeup sets, which you can bring even when you travel. This is very convenient to so many women out there, especially to the young professionals.

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