Tuesday 22 March 2016

Promotional Idea: Free Travel Kit from Listerine

Listerine has established itself as the ultimate brand that fights bad breath more effectively than the others. So many consumers have put their trust to Listerine, and they are continuing to do so up to this day. Therefore, it may bring a good luck for your own brand if you take a leaf out of Listerine’s ideas for gift with purchase.

The most current on their list of marketing strategies is a free travel kit. Below are the advantages of having this promotional item added to the regular product(s).

Promotional Idea: Free Travel Kit from Listerine

  1. Great Design. Listerine’s free travel kit has everything you want to see in an item that can possibly hold your bath products: mesh body (to dry off excess water), handle (to have something else to hold on to other than the actual kit), and zipper (to secure the items properly).
  2. Leads More Customers to the Brand. People get attracted by brands such as this one that give freebies more effectively than other brands that do not do that.
  3. Increases Brand Value. As consumers ourselves, we follow a brand that thinks of ways to give better experience to their customers. Listerine has exhibited that characteristic with their gift with purchase, that’s why it will not come as a surprise if more profits will come to the brand because of it.

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