Thursday 3 March 2016

Red Promotional Tumbler – Rebisco Gift with Purchase

Rebisco stands for Republic Biscuit Corporation. This is a Philippine brand that is known for their very affordable and very delicious crackers, regardless whether they have filling or not. Their products are impeccable snacks for kids and adults alike, and they go well with the red promotional tumbler that is 1/3 of the company’s freshest on-pack promo.

Red Promotional Tumbler – Rebisco Gift with Purchase

How Can a Promotional Tumbler Give Favorable Outcomes to Rebisco?
  • It can improve sales. In this merchandise, consumers obtain two flavors of Rebisco crackers in a single and a bit discounted purchase, PLUS a red promotional tumbler which, if you buy individually, will cost more money than necessary. Because of it, the promo can improve the sales of the company.
  • Consumers will see its usefulness. The tumbler can hold approximately 200 mL of liquid, so it’s the size of any mug or cup or glass you use at home. This Rebisco gift with purchase is a useful one-the-go coffee or juice or water container.
  • It enhances brand significance. If you give more than you take from your clients, they will adore your brand for it and purchase something else from the brand on their next shopping. The brand sells food, so what’s best to partner it with is a beverage holder. This thoughtfulness enhances the significance of the brand.

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