Friday 4 March 2016

On-Pack Promotional Headband from Palmolive Naturals

A girl’s interest to beauty starts when she sees her mother fixing her hair or putting on makeup in front of the vanity early on in life. This is the reason why hair care brands such as Palmolive are beginning to sell products that are more suitable to pre-teens and teens. Not only are they selling, but they are also giving freebies often.

In the image below, the Palmolive Naturals’ Fashion Girl shampoo and conditioner is amped up with a free fashionista headband as a promotion within a pack.

On-Pack Promotional Headband from Palmolive Naturals

What two things can the brand achieve from this gift with purchase?
  • Consumers’ Approval. A brand that is inclined of having gift(s) upon every product purchase can never get a thumbs down from the consumers. With the help of this promotional headband, Palmolive can get more consumers’ approval.
  • Affordability = More Sales. The merchandise is specially made for a certain age group, so those who purchase this affordable product will feel a sense of exclusivity. And then, more sales can be expected for the brand.

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