Tuesday 8 March 2016

Free Cincinnati Cyclones T-Shirt

The Plastic Surgery Group is teaming up with the Cincinnati Cyclones to liven up the game spirit of the adult fans who will be attending the game by giving away Cyclones T-shirt to the first 3,000 people who enter the arena. Surely, a freebie like this can make the super fans cheer on their favorite hockey team to victory now more than ever!

Free Cincinnati Cyclones T-Shirt 

Why a Free T-shirt as One of the Team’s Promotional Ideas?
  • Brings Out Memories. Whenever someone wears their T-shirt that they got one time when they came out to support their favorite team, it brings out the memories from that said game. Thinking of those shouts of joy every time the Cincinnati Cyclones scores, the good-natured boos when the other team gets a point… it can all be remembered with only this promo gift T-shirt.
  • Boosts Team Spirit. People who receive a promotional T-shirt like this eagerly wear it during the game, because it is their way of showing their love for their hockey team. Some feel like it may be a lucky charm when a part of them has the hockey team logo. Overall, it boosts team spirit.
  • Turns into a Collectible Over Time. T-shirts are seen by others as collectibles that, after one use, they sometimes put it in a frame and hang it on their wall to commemorate that one special day they saw their favorite team beat their opponents into a pulp. Who doesn't want a free collectible from the team they adore so much?

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