Tuesday 8 March 2016

Big Cap Giveaway: Branded Fleece Blanket

The Big ‘Cap is the most awaited day for horse racing fans, and these folks get pumped up even more by the many festivities that go on throughout this special derby day. In truth, Santa Anita Park, in cooperation with the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, will be sending out branded fleece blanket with the park’s logo on March 12 to the first 3,000 attendees with paid admission.

Big ‘Cap Giveaway: Branded Fleece Blanket

Benefits of Branded Blanket
  • Great Brand Placement. If you are tucked in under a comfortable blanket every night, it is not hard to remember every fine detail of it, even the designs it has. The branded fleece blanket has the Santa Anita Park logo adorned hugely on it, so those who use it will have the brand’s name stuck in their mind for a long time.
  • More Brand Value. During the Big ‘Cap Day, the park is also holding a beer festival, among many other things, and the gift with purchase is basically an extra topping to the already wonderful celebration. It gives more value to the brand, as it suggests the brand owners do not cut back their budget when it comes to the freebies they give to their supporters.
  • A Cool Surprise. It’s a good guess to say that not all derby fans who paid for their admission to the park actually read all the announcements laid out before them, so it will be a cool surprise for them when they walk in the park and be handed a branded fleece blanket like this.
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