Thursday 14 April 2016

Free Mason Jar – Advertising Gift from Nestlé Nesfruta

The movie Inside Out has captured the interest of so many who have watched it. Other than that, it has made us all wonder if there are really five little creatures that inhabit our head and control our emotions using a huge console. Now, the movie’s creator, Disney, has partnered with Nestlé Nesfruta to bring free mason jar that has the images of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear on each of them.

Free Mason Jar – Advertising Gift from Nestlé Nesfruta

What Can the Brand Get from Such a Gift with Purchase?
  • Happier and Bigger Sales. The movie itself is a big hit, so it is expected that the free mason jar is going to be a big hit to customers as well. When this happens, bigger sales will go to the now-happier brand.
  • Disgustingly Excellent Brand Awareness. The Nesfruta gift with purchase is relatively new to the eyes of a lot of people, and most of us like to stand out by owning unique stuff, so this will give a disgustingly excellent awareness for the brand.
  • Not-so-gloomy Customers. Every day is not always a happy day. You can be too exhausted from work, or you got so many homework from school, and you are not a fan of either. A thirst-quencher which can be drank from a fancy promo gift can bring nothing but smiles in the faces of gloomy consumers.

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