Wednesday 13 April 2016

Branded Organizer by LOTTE Pepero – Batman VS Superman Promo

2016 marked the return of some of the most favorite superheroes of all generations on the big screen, and collectibles keep popping up to welcome them back. Who will ever turn their back when presented with the opportunity of getting chocolatey goodness and a collectible that is stamped with Superman and/or Batman’s logo? Perhaps even the geekiest but most health-conscious people in the world who love these superheroes will not pass up the opportunity of getting this branded organizer from LOTTE Pepero. This on-pack promotion is in the market right now, so let us all see how the brand will gain advantage from this.

Branded Organizer by LOTTE Pepero – Gift with Purchase

  1. Better Knowledge of the Brand. LOTTE is a well-known international brand, but some people in other countries like the Philippines have only seen this now. The gift with purchase will help to promote your brand as it gives the potential consumers better knowledge about it.
  2. More Profits Coming In. It is hard to look and not want to bring the merchandise to the cashier so you can pay for it and bring it home and regale about it all day. And there’s a strong possibility that even if they will not use the free organizer, adults will find it too precious to give away to kids and instead just add it to their own collection.
  3. Extra Brand Value. The brand will shine brighter than the finest diamond because of this promogift. Consumers may find LOTTE as an even more valuable brand since they know already that its owners are probably also a fan of the all-time-favorite superheroes.

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