Wednesday 13 April 2016

GIV Gift with Purchase – Free Soap Holder

The skin complexion of people cannot really say their level of skin sensitivity. Some are very sensitive, while others can use any beauty product they want and still get no allergic reaction. Nevertheless, the beauty soaps made by GIV are safe to be used by anyone, as they are mild and fragrant at the same time. It means affordability already, because now the consumers do not have buy different soap brands to satisfy everyone’s bathing requirements. On top of that, consumers will develop further liking for GIV because they now have a soap holder to be given away as a gift with purchase this month.

Below are the benefits of this on-pack promotion for the consumers.

GIV Gift with Purchase – Free Soap Holder

  • Drying Off Made Easy. The mesh material used for this free soap holder allows air to come in from all sides. Thus, this allows for faster and easier drying process for the soap, so that it can last longer.
  • Storage Space Saver. If the consumer is at home, she can just hang this promo gift in the bathroom, and there will be extra space for other bathroom stuff to place at. If she is traveling, it can be stored in the suitcase strategically to be able to bring other things such as shoes, dresses and the likes.

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