Tuesday 12 April 2016

Promotional Foldable Fan from Maria Clara Sangria

Wines are more than just their fruity flavor, their light or reddish color, or their alcohol content (which, generally, is not always very much). When taken moderately and if you limit yourselves to just a glass or two occasionally, you can enjoy some of its health benefits, like getting enough vitamins B and C, lower fats, and even resveratrol, which is good for the heart.

Maria Clara Sangria is no different. They just have a little advantage because of the freebies they like to add to every bottle of wine, just like this promotional foldable fan. But how advantageous is it for the brand?

Promotional Foldable Fan from Maria Clara Sangria

  • Pulls In More Customers. Customers love any form of promo gift. This can pull in more customers, because it is basically a necessity for them now. And, what it means for the brand? More profits, of course!
  • Endorses Brand Awareness. The gift with purchase is branded, so onlookers no longer have to ask where they got the cool item. Hence, it gives greater awareness for the brand.
  • Shows Brand’s Care for Consumers. The free item is at a Philippine supermarket. The country mostly has hot days than cold ones, so the promotional foldable fan will allow the consumers to bring them anywhere and snap it open when the heat is on. It show just how much the brand cares for its consumers.

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