Tuesday 12 April 2016

Tang Gift with Purchase – Free Pitcher

Tang juices by Kraft perfectly go well with food that they never fail to make lunch and dinner meals taste even better. They got a wide variety of fruit flavors now, and kids and grownups equally have it as their drink of choice most of the time when given the option of choosing among juice, soda and water. Aside from this, Tang is also known for its nice and durable gift with purchase items. Presenting the latest one from their long list: free pitcher.

Tang Gift with Purchase – Free Pitcher

How is the promo gift helpful for Tang?
  • Gives Them More Income. People like to get free gift with purchase, especially if it is something like this that can be used more than three times a day. Thus, it will give them more income in the long run.
  • Exhibits Brand Practicality. Tang exhibits practicality with this free pitcher, because it means that they want the water and the glass to be the only things that do not have their name on them when the juice is being served to people. It is helpful for the brand and the consumers alike.
  • Increases Brand Significance. The significance of the brand in the market greatly increases since, once again, it has showed that the owners of the brand has their heart in the right place, and that they know what their customers need.

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