Monday 11 April 2016

Marketing Merchandise from Equal – Branded Mug

The smartness of a person shines through when they choose products that will give them lesser probability of acquiring illnesses as incurable as diabetes. The wittiness, on the other hand, of a company shows not just by creating merchandise like the ones from Equal, but also by incorporating high quality and branded gift with purchase in the box.

Marketing Merchandise from Equal – Branded Mug

What Benefits will Equal Get?
  1. Great Brand Visibility. Equal seems to be a very generous brand, as it not only helps its customers to lead a healthier lifestyle, but another brand as well such as Luminarc, which is the brand of their free item, to gain more visibility. And since this is an on-pack promotion, the people see the two brands at the same time, so it’s a win-win condition for both brands.
  2. Reestablished Brand Excellence. Anyone in the world is aware of how good Equal products are if you want an alternative substitute for regular sugar, because the company’s reach is global. However, it will still be nice to remind people of the excellence of the brand by offering something like a branded mug to them.

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