Monday 11 April 2016

GWP from Nestlé Nido 3+: Free 2-in-1 Tumbler

A growing child needs all the sustenance he or she can get, especially when he or she is burning off energy while running all over the park. Milk and cookies are great snacks during times like this, because they make sure that the kids get enough calcium in their bones and sugar to replenish their energy. Not to mention, they are really yummy treats for any time of the day.

Now, there is a free 2-in-1 tumbler that Nestlé Nido 3+ is giving away for every purchase of 1.6 kilograms of the milk drink. Want to know how it is going to be beneficial for the kid and the parents?

GWP from Nestlé Nido 3+: 2-in-1 Free Tumbler

  1. One Less Thing to Carry. When a family with small children goes anywhere, ready-to-eat snacks are not the only stuff they bring. There are spare clothes, towels, and sometimes even diapers. But with this on-pack promotion from Nido 3+, they have one less thing to carry, as the cookies or other small biscuits and chips can be placed on the little bowl that is attached under the bottle part of the tumbler.
  2. Requires Smaller Space. The free tumbler requires smaller space, and it can even fit in a mother’s purse. This is good for when they have to attend a more formal gathering, and it is a little awkward to have a backpack with them.
  3. Highly Useful. The gift with purchase is highly useful, because whether the kids want milk or juice or water, they can still use the tumbler. Or, if they do not want to mix the milk powder with water before they reach their destination, they can put the powder at the bottom instead of food.

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