Wednesday 20 April 2016

Free Towel – Promo Gift by Tabasco

When confronted with the question about the spiciest condiments that you don’t find as something to be toyed with or taken playfully, what will be on your list? On our list, Tabasco will surely be there, as the hotness of this sauce can make anyone who does not have a strong immunity to chili-flavored stuff go running towards the refrigerator for milk or water or just about anything that will make the burning sensation in their mouth go away. It will be impossible not to break a sweat during these tough times, that’s why the free towel that goes with a bottle of Tabasco sauce is exactly what someone may need.

But what rewards can Tabasco receive after this promo gift?

Free Towel – Promo Gift by Tabasco

  • Awesome Customer Following. Customers may find this gift with purchase both funny and reasonable, because it means that the creators of the brand knows how hot their hot sauce can get, and so the towel can be used wipe off their forehead or to cool down their face (and their tongue). This can help the brand gather more followers.
  • Better Sales. Of course, more followers constitutes to more sales, and this is not a bad consequence of giving away a free towel. Actually, this is totally awesome!

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