Tuesday 19 April 2016

Marketing Product by Wandah! – Free Measuring Cup

People say that for a great and seasoned cook, using specific measuring tools for the ingredients is not really crucial. They say that the food will still be scrumptious all the same, because their brain can already estimate how much of this and that has to go into the pots and pans. However, for the novices in the kitchen, a free measuring cup like this one from Wandah! may be able to help make the meals more satisfactory.

But how can this marketing product bring satisfactory effects to the brand?

Marketing Product by Wandah! – Free Measuring Cup
  1. Adds More Sales. Regular supermarkets do not usually sell measuring cups, even though they are still useful for grading more than a spoonful of liquid or even dry ingredients. The Wandah! products require a good measuring, that’s why the gift with purchase is a great marketing product that will definitely add to the sales coming to the brand.
  2. Brings Better Value to the Brand. The brand is technically like a baby fish in a vast ocean that’s full of other big fish. If does not learn the tricks of surviving, it may get eaten up. This on-pack promotion will be like a floater for the new brand, and it can bring better value to it.
  3. Creates Space for Brand Placement. For marketing purposes, the free measuring cup only has the graduation as its design. Therefore, it creates enough space for brand placement.

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