Tuesday 19 April 2016

Promotional Stack Cups by Carolina Hurricanes

Professional athletic teams are known for giving away thousands of promo gift items to their beloved fans in almost every game of the season. This is either their way of thanking all these people who attend their games and cheer them on, or they are just really nice. Whatever the case is, it turns to be a win-win situation for the fans because they get to see their favorite players in action, and they go home with something to commemorate the event by.

A great gift with purchase that we have seen so far is the promotional stack cups by Carolina Hurricanes, a pro ice hockey team from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Promotional Stack Cups by Carolina Hurricanes

Fantastic Benefits from Promotional Stack Cups
  • Affordable. Carolina Hurricanes will be giving the promotional stack cups to fans who will buy a soda, a beer, or a bottle of water during their Fan Appreciation Week. This will not be so hard on the pockets of game fanatics who have spent their extra money on purchasing the tickets.
  • A Collectible. The promo gift is meant to be a collectible, since no one knows if and when these things will be reproduced again. This fact adds more value to the free item.
  • Greater Brand Recollection. It is quite obvious that the hockey team logo is branded on every stack cup, so there will be immense brand recollection for those who will see it.

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