Monday 18 April 2016

Free Lunch Box – Lee Kum Kee On-Pack Promo

Kids of today are different from kids of way-back-when. If the latter used to not care about where their parents store their lunch, as long as they know there will be delicious food in it, the former get conscious about such things that they feel the need to come to the store with their parents and choose everything by themselves, from clothes to ball pens to notebooks to lunch boxes.

Speaking of which, Lee Kum Kee has a new on-pack promotion, and it is a cute and free lunch box set that includes a spoon and a fork as well within the pack.

Free Lunch Box – Lee Kum Kee On-Pack Promo

Advantages that Lee Kum Kee Gets from a Gift with Purchase
  • Greater Brand Consciousness. In the Philippines where we have seen this, the brand is not what you can call a household name because of its freshness in the market. Therefore, the promo gift may enable more customers to be more aware of the brand. They may even say after seeing this: “Oh, I’ve seen this brand on TV, I must try it!”
  • More Sales. When this happens, more sales can be expected by the owners of the brand, especially since youngsters love anime-themed stuff. The panda design of the free lunch box looks inviting as well.
  • Better Brand Recall. The panda is the like mascot of Lee Kum Kee, and this is what will help consumers to recall the brand name the next time they need to buy more cooking supplies.

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