Friday 29 April 2016

Gift with Purchase Tumbler by Rexona

When you are a gym buff or a sports enthusiast, sweating on a daily basis is what is normal for you. While this is a natural way to cool your body down and to hopefully reduce some or most of your unwanted flabs, a couple of your main concerns should be knowing how to still smell good after a good hour or two of physical exertion AND keeping yourself hydrated. Good for you, you can purchase two Rexona roll-on deodorants this month, and get a very durable tumbler as the brand’s on-pack promotion.

Gift with Purchase Tumbler by Rexona

Gift with Purchase Benefits for Rexona
  • Amped Up Brand Value. The promo gift helps to amplify the value of the brand because this signifies that it is not a cheap or a selfish brand that only wants to have financial gain and not say ‘thank you’ to its consumers for their continuous loyalty.
  • Bigger Sales. Rexona’s sales may also get bigger due to this free tumbler because it is a handy container to have. It can used to hold large amounts of beverage at home, at school, at work, and especially at the game field.

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