Saturday 30 April 2016

GWP Wooden Music Box by Pandora

Music has a way to uplift everyone’s mood. If we are going to be scientific about it, it’s because our brain releases dopamine, a certain chemical that enables us to feel pleasure over something. However, if music makes us happy, jewelries have a special appeal to them that makes us happier. This is probably the reason why Pandora – yes, the brand that crafts beautiful pieces of jewelries – has given away a wooden music box as their gift with purchase for Valentine’s Day this year.

GWP Wooden Music Box by Pandora

Benefits of GWP Wooden Music Box for Pandora
  • Satisfies Women’s Taste. The promo gift is more gender-specific because, let’s be honest here, there are more women in the world population, and there is most likely not a single one of them who cannot appreciate the sound that comes out every time a music box is opened. Because of this, the women’s taste is satisfied.
  • Great for Brand Name Positioning. The name of the brand is just at the right spot where people will be able to recognize it without a problem. The front side of the free music box looks like a great backdrop for the Pandora brand.
  • Amplifies Brand Awareness. Not needing to wonder about what the brand of a certain product is, it is what makes people more aware of it.

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