Tuesday 3 May 2016

Advertising Gift: Promo Pen from Milwaukee Bucks

Does it not give you an amazing feeling when you realize that the basketball team that you have been cheering on and you are willing to fight other teams’ supporters for all life is putting a lot of effort to show their appreciation to you in their own little ways?

Specifically, through promo gift items that they give away during the game. Understandably, they cannot send out pieces of diamond-studded jewelries or super expensive stuff to tens of thousands of fans in almost every game every season, but for the real fanatics, seeing their idols play is the real gift, and freebies like this promotional pen from the Milwaukee Bucks is just a nice treat.

Advertising Gift: Promo Pen from Milwaukee Bucks

Advertising Gift Benefits for Milwaukee Bucks
  • More Brand Awareness. The pen can be received after buying a ticket, and so this is technically a gift with purchase – and a cool one at that, as it is imprinted with the brand logo. Students and office workers can take advantage of this, and their colleagues can be better aware of the brand through seeing it.
  • Extra Brand Importance. Brands that do not forget to give thanks to their fans are already important to the public, but when they offer a ‘little something’ as a promo gift, they gain more brand importance.
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