Tuesday 3 May 2016

Ulta Gift with Purchase – Promotional Spring Bag

Mothers, teenage girls, single women – what do they have in common, aside from the obvious? It’s not just the XX chromosomes that they have, but it is the fact that they have this one particular bag that goes with any outfit for almost any occasion. For this reason, that special bag often gets worn out the most.

If you can relate to this, Ulta, the cosmetic brand, probably can too, because they are giving away a promotional spring bag for every US$40 purchase in their online store.

Ulta Gift with Purchase – Promotional Spring Bag

Special Rewards from this Promotional Spring Bag
  • A Bag Lifesaver. This promo gift will rescue your old but well-used bag from your tight grip, as you can now exchange it for your beach, diaper or everyday bag. Aside from that, it can be a nice inclusion to your collection.
  • Additional Sales. Consumers can already get so many things that they really like using the amount needed to avail this gift with purchase. The brand owners, on the other hand, also like that because that means additional sales will come to them.
  • Preserves Brand Value. Ulta has something free to offer every month to their customers. The promotional spring bag is just one of their marketing solutions that, most likely than not, can help preserve the brand value.

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