Wednesday 4 May 2016

Promo Gift: Branded Pocket Mirror from GUCCI

For all the Potter fans reading this, do you remember what saved the clever Hermione Granger from the lethal stare of the basilisk at the second book/movie? No need to whip up your book or do an online search for it now, we’ll just tell you. It’s a mirror. Yes, it is! You can all do your fact-checking as you please, but the lesson of the story is that mirrors are not just good for making yourself look good in between breaks – they may be able to save you too in real life in one way or another.

With this in mind, perhaps you should think of how and why it is vital for you to get this branded pocket mirror from GUCCI. Not only will it help you, but it will help the brand too. How?

Promo Gift: Branded Pocket Mirror from GUCCI

  • Sales Increase. Everyone knows that GUCCI is a very high-class brand of long-lasting bags, shoes, etc. Even those who do not earn a lot annually want to purchase their merchandise, and they actually save their money in order to avail such items. And because this gift with purchase can make people feel that they are getting something from the brand that does not have to be bought, it increases their sales effectively.
  • Social Stature Booster. Consumers may fall in love all over again to this brand, due to the fact that the promo gift looks so chic and their peers will see them in a brighter light when they realize that their mirror came from GUCCI too. This can boost the consumers’ stature in the society, as well as the brand’s.

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