Friday 29 April 2016

Marketing Idea from Knorr: GWP Plate

The Knorr brand has been seasoning meals ever since it was created in Germany during the early 19th century, but unbeknownst to many, its ownership has been passed on from a huge company to another huge company from then on. It has been within the umbrella of brands of Unilever for over 16 years now, and it does not seem like it will be cut off from the scene anytime in the future. In truth, the brand may even be growing still, as now they create free stuff to go with their regular merchandise. The latest one? A free square plate made from heavy-duty plastic material.

Marketing Idea from Knorr: GWP Plate

Marketing Pluses from this Gift with Purchase
  • Grander Brand Consciousness. Thanks to the promo gift, the greatness of the brand can now spread like a wildfire to as many potential consumers as possible. This plate, particularly, can do a good job at making more people conscious about Knorr since visitors will always come to any house, invited or not, and there they will see this being used, and they will know about it.
  • Better Profits. The free plate is not fancy, nor is it made of glass or ceramic, but this is perfect for young professionals or those who are starting a family on a tight budget, because it means that they will have not only something to eat at, but also something to flavor their food with.
  • More Brand Importance. It is clear that the brand knows that not everyone has been born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and they want to lessen the burden on their consumers’ shoulders even with just this simple on-pack promotion that will allow them to use their cash on expenses other than plates.

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