Thursday 28 April 2016

Promo Gift: Free Mug from Nice Day! Coffee

When you see a gift with purchase that is not something out of the ordinary, don’t turn away from it. Often, these items are with the products not because the brand owners have run out of marketing ideas, but because they are closely in relation to the stuff that the brand is selling.

Take this free mug from Nice Day! Coffee as an example. Allow us to enlighten you about how this simple on-pack promotion can be favorable for the brand.

Promo Gift: Free Mug from Nice Day! Coffee

  • Another Cup is Love. Any homeowner in the world will never say ‘no’ to an extra mug, especially if it’s free. The reason for this is because, although this promo gift is a coffee mug, it doesn’t mean that that it can only be used for a hot or tea at night. When more friends have come over, and they are all coffee-drinkers, you need not worry about not having more container for the beverage.
  • Strategic Brand Placement. The brand name is strategically placed on the free mug, and so it will be hard to be missed by those who use it, as well as by the people the person is talking with. This is really beneficial for the brand because it is new, and more customer following is surely welcome.

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