Thursday 28 April 2016

Los Angeles Angels’ Promotional Apron

What we love about pro sports teams is that they actually publish a season-long schedule of their promo gifts and activities on their websites, that’s why their fans have a clue of when they should get tickets for a certain game if they want to receive a commemorative giveaway from their favorite team. Whether it’s ice hockey or basketball or baseball, they all have cute marketing items which are to die for. As a matter of fact, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is giving away a gift with purchase apron on May 27th, as their way of celebrating the Memorial Day. 

While this is very patriotic of them, it is without a doubt that the team will be gaining some things from it. What are those things, you ask?

Los Angeles Angels’ Promotional Apron

  • More Ticket Sales. Super fans want to have anything that has the logo of their favorite team. It is something that they can show to their friends or keep with their other collections. Therefore, when they see this promotional apron on the list, more tickets will be sold, and more sales will be pulled in.
  • Bigger Number of Fans. The bigger number of fans will only come after this promo gift has been worn during the traditional BBQ party with family and friends. That won't be so bad, after all, since there will be more upcoming games to attend to.
  • More Knowledge about the Team. The big ‘A’ in the apron is a great chat-starter. Someone may ask the wearer of what it stands for, and then the latter will answer how he/she got it, and then the conversation starts. Who knows, maybe at the end of the day, he/she may have turned other people into Los Angeles Angels’ fans too.

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