Thursday 28 April 2016

Branded Sauce Holder – Kewpie GWP

Kewpie is a popular brand of mayonnaise not just in Japan, which is its origin, but in other countries as well where people love creamy mayo on their salads. Another thing that makes it adorable and well-loved by the consumers is the cute kewpie dolls that adorn any box, packets and gift with purchase products coming from the same brand. In conjunction to this, let us highlight their newest gift for every purchase of a huge bottle of Roasted Sesame Dressing – a sauce holder that can be a cute addition to your condiments tray!

Branded Sauce Holder – Kewpie GWP
Mouthwatering Advantages for Kewpie
  • Extra Sales. Kewpie will garner extra sales out of this promo gift since customers love getting more than what they have paid for. Why will they get it rather than a merchandise that has no freebie with it? Because they don’t have much price difference, and the free item is well worth it.
  • Product Usefulness. Customers may find that if they don’t want to use the branded sauce holder for this purpose, they can use it as a desk décor, or a tumbler, or just about anything they can think of. Its usefulness will not be dampened by its quality either, because it is made out of first-rate material.
  • Higher Brand Significance. We will never grow tired of saying that brands become more significant to their current and future customers when they see that the thing that serves as their on-pack promotion has been given a lot of time and thinking before it was produced in the market.

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