Wednesday 27 April 2016

Lee Kum Kee Gift with Purchase – Free Microfiber Towel

Product innovation will never stop, as long as there is one human alive that craves for the betterment of the things he uses every day. We all like to think big, to outdo our own creations, and that’s why we all get to experience these cool gadgets and devices that have once only been a far-fetched dream of the greatest scientists of olden times. Yet, progress is not just evident to the digital world. Who knew that a regular towel can be revolutionized into something called ‘microfiber’ towel? Its difference from the former is that, when you use it to wipe the dining table or the countertop, there will be no thread marks or residues left.

If this is a new concept for you and you don’t know if you want to replace all your little towels with this, you can sample it now, as Lee Kum Kee is giving one away with every bottle of oyster sauce as a gift with purchase.

Lee Kum Kee Gift with Purchase – Free Microfiber Towel

Now, what good will this on-pack promotion do for the business?
  • Adds to the Sales. A promo gift like this is a useful household cleaning material, especially for those who have kids at home who tend to spill water or juice or milk on the any surface at times. The microfiber towel can ascertain that the couch or the table or the floor will be left spotless after using the towel on it.
  • Increases Brand Consciousness. Products that have freebies with them are definitely more eye-catching than the others that do not have them. They turn on people’s interest. So, when these people come to inspect the free microfiber towel, they see it’s from Lee Kum Kee. This is when brand consciousness increases, and this is what every brand wants.

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