Wednesday 27 April 2016

Promotional Beverage Warmer by Equal

We commend brands that do not limit themselves to the standards that other brands have set, that make their own rules as they progress, and that like to think out of the box when it is time to send promo gift items to the world once again. They love to – what is that famous expression? – go ‘out with the old, and in with the new’? Yes, that is more of what such brands are doing.

At present, Equal best represents this new wave of brands that have unique and more marketable promotional ideas. Their latest free stuff is an electric beverage warmer.

Promotional Beverage Warmer by Equal

How will it do well for the business?
  • Coffee or Tea or Milk Lovers Will Love it. The self-proclaimed hot beverage addicts will fall head over heels for this promotional beverage warmer, as they will be able to bring it in the cafĂ©, their room, at their workplace, or anywhere that has an electric socket. This ensures that they will have to worry no more about lukewarm drinks, and there will be no more wasted coffee or tea or milk since they can just be placed on top of this useful freebie.
  • Sales Will Increase. The sales of the brand will undoubtedly increase because of this gift with purchase, because the number of consumers who go through several cups of hot beverages daily are too many to count.
  • Brand Becomes Even More Valued. This on-pack promotion may be new to the public’s eyes, but our smart consumers know of its potential significance to them. Hence, the brand that delivered it to the world becomes even more valued as well.

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