Friday 22 April 2016

Promotional Travel Bag from Chivas Regal

Luxurious liquor brands that have been around for ages perhaps find it outrageous to only be able to produce T-shirts or smaller items as a gift with purchase all the time, when they know they can give something even better and more useful than that to their avid customers. Chivas Regal, for instance, is giving away a promotional travel bag that looks so posh that it can be used in different kinds of occasions wearing various fashion styles.

Still unconvinced? Below are more reasons why you should get this promotional travel bag.

Promotional Travel Bag from Chivas Regal

  1. Convenient Bag. This promotional travel bag is handy, because it can be a storage for so many things: laptop, diaper, clothes, feeding bottles, and all sorts of documents. More importantly, it has an adjustable strap, so the consumer can use it like a messenger bag or a shoulder bag.
  2. Reasonably Priced. Since other bags like this promo gift cost more than a few dollars due to the high-quality materials when purchased on its own, that’s why getting this a freebie from a well-known liquor brand makes it very reasonably priced.
  3. Great for Brand Awareness. The brand name is stamped on the bag in a way that will make more people intrigued at what is written across the gift with purchase. This promotes greater awareness for Chivas Regal.

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