Wednesday 11 May 2016

Branded Chic Tote Bag from Calvin Klein

To the ladies fans out there of Justin Bieber, didn’t Calvin Klein do a great job with the sizzling photos of JB wearing the brand’s underwear merchandise? If you loved the images, then perhaps you will love it even more if we say that you can wear or use something from the same brand without paying for it?

This is real, girls. It’s not make-believe at all. Calvin Klein is really giving away a free tote bag for every purchase of the brand’s fragrance line.

Branded Chic Tote Bag from Calvin Klein

What is not to love with this gift with purchase?
  • You get to flaunt a branded tote bag. You do not have to tell your friends that this is a gift with purchase; you can just stop at saying that this is a legit Calvin Klein bag. But if you know your gal pals will appreciate this too, do tell them. Why?
  • Brand gets more purchases. The brand gets an economical growth through the word of mouth about this promo gift. People love freebies that do not look like freebies at all, and this bag is the epitome of that.

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