Thursday 12 May 2016

Pantai Gift with Purchase – Free Chopsticks

This generation is so many years apart from when the great Confucius lived, so we have only met him through books and images. But if you really want to be even just an inch closer to this very clever Chinese philosopher, it’s an awesome fact to know that he only used chopsticks back then. And since there are people like the ones from the Philippines that do not actually use chopsticks every day, this gift with purchase from Pantai can give novices a head-start on how to eat the same as the people of the East do.

Pantai Gift with Purchase – Free Chopsticks

Benefits of Free Chopsticks for Pantai
  • Growing Brand Awareness. Pantai is an international brand – a Thai brand, to be specific – so consumers did not grow up tasting its products. The free chopsticks that they have added as an on-pack promotion is simply appropriate to make it more appealing to people, as well as to grow awareness about the brand.
  • Higher Income. The chopsticks are not made from wood or plastic, which means they are not disposable and will not rot after a few times of going through the dishwasher. The durability of this promo gift is what will bring higher income to the brand.
  • Bigger Brand Importance. Similarly, the free chopsticks will help the brand gain more importance to its target consumers because they are introducing new things to them. There are people who don’t like changes, but there are more people who crave for it, and feeding that craving is what’s important.

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