Thursday 12 May 2016

Gift with Purchase by PureOlogy – Branded Cosmetic Bag

Women are tough in their own special way. When the family faces a turmoil, the woman in the house keeps everyone bonded together. When there is a financial problem and there’s no one else to shoulder the expenses, the woman steps up and does everything in her power to foot the bills. But just like Superman, women sometimes have a kryptonite as well, and that is their hair – their crowning glory.

A lot of ladies spend thousands of dollars in salons every month so that they can ascertain that their hair remains healthy, shiny and well taken care of. However, if they come across a hair care brand like PureOlogy that offers sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, AND a branded cosmetic bag as a gift with purchase, they may think twice before they call their stylist again.

Gift with Purchase by PureOlogy – Branded Cosmetic Bag

Here are the benefits of including a promo gift to PureOlogy products:
  1. Finer Brand Consciousness. The shampoo and conditioner stay at the bathroom, so unless your friends go often to your house and ask if they can use your bathroom, then they will not know that this is the brand that you are using. But if you carry a cosmetic bag that has PureOlogy’s name on it, they will be more conscious about it.
  2. Better Sales. Curiosity is said to have killed the cat, but this curiosity is what will bring more sales to the brand. When people find out about the branded cosmetic bag, they may search for it on the internet and see the benefits of subscribing to the brand. That’s when sales come in by the dozens.
  3. Brilliant Brand Placement. The placement of the brand name on the gift with purchase is brilliant, because it isn’t imposing. They have centered the brand’s statement, which is so witty, while PureOlogy logo is at the bottom right corner where it will not be missed either.

Cosmetic bag or not, Marketing Gifts blog contains a lot of marketing ideas that you can utilize to help promote your brand.

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