Friday 27 May 2016

Free Cooler Jersey from Omaha Storm Chasers

How do you welcome an old friend back after being away for so long?

You do it not with a cold shoulder, but with a warm hug. You do it not with just a simple text, but over a nice lunch or dinner with the closest of your friends.

Meanwhile, how does Omaha Storm Chasers welcome an old pal back in their folds?

They give their fans a customized cooler with the jersey number of Alex Gordon, a famous Major League Baseball player who last played with them in 2010.

Free Cooler Jersey from Omaha Storm Chasers

Aside from this being awesome for the team’s supporters, the brand benefits from it too because of the following reasons:

The cooler is cleverly made. The zipper used is white, so from the picture if you see its front side, it really looks like a regular jersey. Then the fans get the shock of a lifetime when they get a closer look at this free cooler and they see that they can use it to keep their favorite beer cold while enjoying the game.
It strengthens the bond between the brand and the fans. This is vital, because the bond that the parties have is what making the Omaha Storm Chasers’ followers to keep buying tickets for the live games. The cooler is just one of the thousands of marketing strategies created by the brand; however, this is also one of the many that keeps the fans’ attraction to the games stronger.
It helps the brand gain higher revenue. It really does, in a way. Since Alex Gordon’s a star athlete, the games he’s on and the promo gift items dedicated for him are expected to be widely accepted by the people. Therefore, more tickets will get sold, and higher revenue will be gained by the brand.

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