Monday 30 May 2016

Gift with Purchase Pencil Case from Propan TLC

Children are still dependent on their parents in a lot of things as they grow up. They can’t cook their food, they can’t do groceries, but they can lean and play all day long. The worst fear of most moms and dads is to see their kids with a dextrose attached to their tiny arm, that’s why it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that they are getting all the right minerals and vitamins that can strengthen their immune system.

Propan TLC is a known multivitamin brand for children. Purchase a 250-mL of it from the store, and you will get a free pencil case as an on-pack promotion.

Gift with Purchase Pencil Case from Propan TLC

Below are the two ‘great’ consequences of this gift with purchase:
  • Great Sales. If there are gods and goddesses of sales, they may be smiling right now at the owners of the brand, because the free pencil case will bring much profits to the latter. Kids are always curious, and so if they are with their parents when they buy the multivitamins, they are going to pick the box that has something attached to it.
  • Great Brand Awareness. You know how kids have their favorite pillow or favorite toy? Well, now they can have a favorite pencil case because this promo gift. And being the parents that adore everything their babies do, they may talk about it with other people, and then talk about how the kiddos are getting healthy with Propan TLC.
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