Monday 30 May 2016

Borg Brugghús On-Pack Promotion – Free Glass

Being unique is not always fun. Your friends can’t relate to a thing you’re saying; you don’t have almost anything in common with other people. No matter how nerve-wracking it is stand out, you can still keep your identity if you try to fit in with the crowd at times.

Getting this Borg Brugghús’ on-pack promotion will be a nice way to start your Operation: Blend In. Ask a couple of friends of come over, and share these beverages with them. Not only will this renew your friendship, but you will also get a free glass from the brand.

Borg Brugghús On-Pack Promotion – Free Glass

The awesomeness of this on-pack promotion can be realized in three words:
  • Suitable. The glass is a suitable gift with purchase because the brand is selling alcoholic drinks. It is not a problem if people want to drink directly from the bottle or pour it into a mug, but it will be quite impractical to overlook the opportunity of receiving a fancy glass.
  • Elegant. Speaking of fanciness, the free glass is absolutely stunning on its own. Serving the drinks with this is more elegant than just bringing a bottle opener to the table and making your guests open their own bottles. As the host of the gathering, this is like an act of graciousness.
  • Well-branded. There is no denying where you got this promo gift when your friends see it, because the brand really used the generous blank space on the glass to place their logo on it. On your part, they may find it cool that you found such an interesting item. For the brand’s part, it’s additional promotion for them.
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