Monday 9 May 2016

Free Emergency Kit from MEGA Sardines

Have you noticed that the world is slowly changing? There are more raining, flooding and other natural disasters each year, and yet nobody can tell Mother Nature to stop all these hubbubs since there is really no direct hotline to reach her. If complaining is not part of our shortlisted options, we can at least prepare ourselves way before anything happens.

Lucky for some countries, there are brands like MEGA Sardines that pack basic necessities – and others – in one bag, so that they can be stored easily at home. What we mean by ‘others’ is the combination of whistle and battery-operated flashlight, which will be useful during emergency cases.

We sure hope this free emergency kit never has to be used, but still, what are the advantages of having a flashlight and a whistle all the time with you?

Free Emergency Kit from MEGA Sardines

  • Having Peace of Mind. Anyone can be peaceful day or night when they know that help will come quicker now in case of crisis because of the on-pack promotion from the brand. They are not electronic gadgets, so there is no reason for them, especially for the whistle, to not work.
  • Greater Profits. It is unmistakable that getting this promo gift will not go down the drain, that’s why more people will be interested in getting this gift with purchase. When these shoppers turn into buyers, greater profits can be foreseen for the brand.

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