Monday 9 May 2016

Promo Gift Clothespin by Speed

Being totally dependent on washing machines and dryers is not really a brilliant idea. What if a huge typhoon comes and knocks down sources of electricity, and the closest power generator to your house is a hundred miles away? It will be an absolute waste of time to travel for so long, when you can wash your clothes at home and let them dry under the sun.

If you don’t have hangers, having clothespins within arm’s reach is going to be beneficial not just for you, but also for brands such as Speed that make clothespins their latest promo gift.

Promo Gift Clothespin by Speed

How Can a Simple Gift with Purchase Help the Brand?
  • Expresses Brand Practicality. The practicality of the brand shows through these free laundry tools because Speed directly went for what consumers might need after using their products. They do not spend so much on things that look fancy but do not represent the brand effectively, which is very smart.
  • Increases Brand Income. Speed products’ price range is at low to middle level. Adding the on-pack promotion to the equation can make the brand more marketable, and so their income will gradually increase.
  • Escalates Consumers’ Loyalty. The gift with purchase consists of little useful objects, not figurines or other items that can only be put on display. This can escalate the loyalty of the consumers to the brand, as well as their importance to their target market.

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