Friday 20 May 2016

Gift with Purchase: Branded Mini Travel Bag from Redken

By looking at its rich history, we can deduce that Redken is one of the haircare brands that pioneered the use of science in beautification. Together with the chemist Jheri Redding, actress/model Paula Kent started the brand in the 1960s and named it after themselves. Their products have been further developed and revolutionized from then on, and they are truly widely acclaimed that they even hold symposiums and other events to showcase the excellence of their merchandise.

Now, Redken items come in various milliliters. If you like to travel or you are required to travel a lot, you can get their travel-sized products at Ulta, and then receive a branded mini travel bag as a gift with purchase.

Gift with Purchase: Branded Travel Bag from Redken

Here are the positive points of this gift with purchase:
  • Appeals to More Customers. Products that have a promo gift tagging along with them have special appeal to consumers. The little travel bag is a neat toiletry kit, so more people may be interested in getting it.
  • Brings Good Brand Reviews. Promotional ideas such as this that do not need any label gains good reviews from their customers. It’s not an eye-sore; its size is big enough for a few travel-sized beauty products.

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